"Makeup is our Art, Beauty is our Spirit"

I was going over the emails one morning this summer and noticed a message from Rebecca Traub of Populist. She introduced the company as a cinematic city guide that showcases everything that's happening in Vancouver in high quality videos, telling the story behind the business. She mentioned that Populist is coordinating profiles of makeup artists in the city and putting together an episode of the Top 5 Makeup Artists in Vancouver. What an excitement to find out that Pamela and I were nominated!  This was such an amazing feeling to be recognized and shown appreciation for our work in such a talented and competitive city. Pam, Rebecca, Blanca and I met for coffee one morning and really connected with one another. They asked us questions about how we met and about our company, Mirror Mirror Atelier. We told the girls about our custom vanity, our piece of art we had created for our studio, reflecting the dark contrast of the brand. With Mirror Mirror, we not only apply the makeup, but Pam and I also will execute the hair, styling and production with our projects. Around this time we were coordinating a photoshoot with the gorgeous Hailey Afton and Kyle Cong to showcase our vanity created by Pam's fiancé, Kyle Sternat. This was a perfect opportunity for Populist to really capture what Mirror Mirror reflects and to be behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots. We all met in Pacific Spirit Park after the look on Hailey was finalized. Rebecca and Blanca asked us about ourselves and the look we were achieving for our shoot and their videographer recored everyone in their element. The shoot was so great! The photos were exactly how we envisioned and it was such a pleasure to work with such a great team of creative individuals. The photos are posted on our Instagram and Facebook page as well as the creatives in galleries on this website. Thank you Populist, Hailey and Kyle for supporting Mirror Mirror Atelier and bringing our crazy visions to a reality. 

Thank you NARCITY for the spectacular nomination of being

Masters of Beauty in the top Makeup artists in Vancouver! 




The last couple years I have really been noticing some changes in my skin. Fine lines, uneven skin tone, freckles, acne scarring and *gasp* larger pores. My later twenties I’ve been way more consistent with sun-block and taking the right steps for the health of my skin. So what’s the problem? Well, my upcoming nuptials and being over thirty. There are definite changes people! Spots, texture, fine lines… I could go on. It’s been decided. I am ready to explore preventative skincare/treatments- but where do I start? I’m not ready to be serious about botox or fillers, but being a makeup artist and owning a beauty company, Mirror Mirror Atelier, it is imperative for me to be as comfortable in my own skin as I can possibly be. What I’ve always been insecure about is the acne scarring throughout my cheeks from my teenage years. It’s very rattling to feel like you’re under the microscope as a representative of your business to potential clientele, and it’s important to face your fears and experience something than can be the transformation to feel your best self. I didn’t hesitate to undergo this treatment at all, despite how horrific I felt my acne scars were.


Generally, I can be quite active in my downtime. I always envied girls with flawless skin who just applied a bit of moisturizer or sun-block and were ready for the day. I walked into The Skin Girls thinking I had it all figured out! I deliberated with myself and thought a few professional rounds of microdermabrasion would smooth the texture of my scars or even a chemical peel. Their services boast a wide range of cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments, and health services for customers to attain their desired perfection, in beauty, health, and wellness. Upon consultation with owner and operator Lisa, she went on to examine my face and thus began our consultation session. We dove into a whole-hearted discussion on why fractional resurfacing was good for me. I was a candidate to achieve a glorious glow with this all-in-one laser treatment!  So about one month ago, I had the chance to give Fraxel laser therapy a try and to experience this high-tech non-invasive fractional laser therapy for myself.

How does it work you ask?


These are its main uses:

For fine lines and wrinkles – reduces crow’s feet, brow lines and visible signs of aging

For surface scarring – erasing effects of acne and other scarring

For pigmentation – minimizing the appearance of age spots

For sun damage – helping heal dangerous skin damage

For Actinic Keratosis (AK) – a common pre-cancerous skin condition


I was ready to go ahead, and to prep we discussed my current routine. For a full two days before treatment, there is to be no glycolic, retinol, or salicylic acid treatments on the skin. I was in the clear, so Lisa got organized then ushered me to the treatment room. I laid down and she gently cleansed my face, to allow a fresh, clean surface area for her to work on.  

She then put the protective eyewear on me and began to move the laser all around my face in small two second pulses. My experience right after was a light, prickly ‘sunburn’ sensation on my face, but honestly, nothing you can’t handle. Everything happened as per normal right after the session. Lisa applied a very cooling moisturizer and cold packs to immediately soothe and hydrate. Although I chose not to wear make-up for the next five days or so, a good sun-block was highly recommended to protect myself from harmful rays of the sun, as your skin is prone to sensitivity during the healing stage. The only time I felt like it was super noticeable was the first day coming home...I felt as if the whole world was staring at me! In the end, I realized that I was just being self-conscious.


Throughout the week of healing, my bare-naked face was pinkish and slightly swollen for the first two days and then felt like sandpaper to touch for the next 5 days, but that’s about it. Always remember – moisturizer and sun-block is your best friend! Not bad at all, especially after only ONE session! Most patients see visible results in 1 – 5 sessions, all depending on how serious/old/deep your acne scars are. Mine are quite old (more than 15 years) the worst being in high school. Don’t wait as long as I did; the sooner the better as newer scars heal better than older, more permanent scars.


Here is a pic grid of the five days of my journey from left to right:

1) Day one, one hour after treatment. This was a very confronting moment for me. I was highly emotional and really excited to see the results, but fearful that I was going to look crazy because it was so red. Haha

2) Day one, three hours after treatment. There is a substantial difference! I was extremely relieved that the redness was going down and the heat was almost diminished.

3) Day two, the next morning. Aside from being a bit puffy around the eyes my skin was a lightly flushed pink, with no heat at all- this was consistent for the rest of the day.

4) Day three, the next morning. Holy mackerel my skin is so even I cannot believe it! Normally I have waaayyy more pinkish flushing through the cheeks. Aside from the texture being scaly, I am feeling good.

5) Day four, the next morning. Okay lets get down and dirty- close-up on my left cheek where the majority of my dark acne scarring is. I keep touching my cheek in the kitchen window in the light with a mirror. It’s actually not that bad?! For sure it has faded from a deeper red to lighter pink. I am in shock and so excited!!

6) Day five, the next morning. I am on set. With. No. Makeup. I repeat. NO foundation.  This is a big day for me! A celebration of my confidence, and a gratefulness to Lisa for giving me her expert advice and guidance to achieve these results!

7) Day six, Friday night. A little mascara, eyebrow gel, lipgloss and an all-over bronzer to go out...and still no foundation~ xoxo


If you’re feeling self conscious about your skin, or experiencing changes you’re not alone. I’m here. Feel free to speak to me, whenever! It took a lot of guts for me to write this post, but for how I feel since my first treatment I am amazed with the results and wanted to share it with you!



The Skin Girls have incredible customer service. You are guaranteed to feel comfortable and at ease with your treatments. Lisa, founder of The Skin Girls, is so knowledgable and sincerely friendly. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have! I highly recommend going to this studio :) 


Thanks for reading,





For more information on FRAXEL laser technology or to make an appointment contact:

The Skin Girls

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